The City of LaGrange will satisfy our customers and citizens by providing responsive and effective services, and well-maintained infrastructure, which will add value to our community.

Local Ownership

  • All profits generated by our utility systems remain in the community to fund traditional city services and offset property taxes. Citizens of LaGrange are also owners of our utility systems

Local Control

  • Rates and policies governing utility operations are set at the local level rather than by Federal or State Commissions. This provides us with increased flexibility to meet the needs of local citizens and allows for greater input by local businesses.

Small Service Territory

  • Our compact service territory allows us to offer reliable services, quick response, and easy access to top management. All of our work crews are stationed within a few miles of our most remote customer. Despite our smaller size, we still operate a state-of-the-art dispatch center that is staffed around the clock.


  • The City has historically offered utility rates that are very competitive when compared to other area suppliers. Tax exempt financing and efficient operations help us maintain low rates for our customers.

MEAG Power

  • The City is a member of a large public power organization called MEAG Power. This organization provides numerous benefits such as engineering support, joint purchasing, and emergency aid following major storms. Through MEAG, we have ownership interest in several generation and transmission facilities and a marketing company in Jacksonville, Florida known as The Energy Authority (TEA).


  • The City provides numerous utility services including electric, natural gas, water, sewer, sanitation, and telecommunications. Our customers can easily resolve problems with any of these services by calling one phone number.


  • The City of LaGrange is prohibited by law from engaging in collective bargaining and therefore has a completely non-union work force. This protects our customers from any service interruptions caused by labor strikes.